A-Line Automation Builds Specialty Photography Stand

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Photographer Deborah Berry recently approached A-Line Automation about building a specialty photography stand. Deb has developed an interest in high-speed photos of liquid collisions of water, milk and other liquids.

You Can Do Anything with Aluminum T-Slots

The photography stand needed to hold several cylinders, values, and a center point sensor. The values and sensor both needed to be adjustable to optimize the height for the different viscosities of liquid, collisions and shapes.

Here’s how the mechanics of the photography work. Liquid is released from cylinders to value going through the sensor center point, which triggers the flash. The flash of light freezes the collision of the liquid in a fraction of a second, in fact, ten thousandth of a second to be exact. Deborah controls the capture with the camera within those fractions of second and voila you have these beautiful pieces of art.

Why A-Line Automation

Deb and her husband decided to build it themselves using aluminum t-slots after looking online for existing stands. A work-related event brought them to the Concord, North Carolina area - home of A-Line Automation.

While in Concord, they searched online for an aluminum fabrication company to buy the t-slots for the photography stand. They found A-Line Automation and called. After a brief discussion with Chuck Prezioso they decided to get a quote for fabrication of the photography stand.  

Turns Out It Was A Good Decision

Chuck took their ideas and made a rough draft and after another meeting modified it to their specifications. Then the A-Line Team provided a quote that pleasantly surprised Deborah and her husband. Rather than build it themselves they chose to have A-Line Automation fabricate the photography stand.

Deborah said, “The people at A-Line Automation were amazing! They improved our design. And, it was ready in a less time than we expected. It was more economical, sturdier and the quick release feature made it easier to store than anything we could have bought.”   Here is some of Deborah’s amazing artwork: 

Fabricated Solutions or Extruded Aluminum Profiles

Whether it’s a one-off specialty photography stand or a custom fabricated solution for a production line A-Line Automation will create an elegant solution for you.

Bring us your idea. Our design team is responsive and ready to add value. And, we enjoy both one-off and ongoing production. Call 1-704-793-1602 or Request a Quote today.

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