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Horizontal Supports image

Horizontal Supports

Application: The Horizontal Support is usually needed to close off adjustable units. However, it can also be used independently as a static or dynamic clamp.

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Vertical Supports image

Vertical Supports

Application: The same uses as the Horizontal Support. It can also be used as a carrier for handling equipment which needs to be rearranged simply and quickly. The Vertical Support can also be...

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Universal Supports image

Universal Supports

Application: Same use as Vertical and Horizontal Supports, but with the advantage that this component can be used as a Horizontal and Vertical Adjustable Unit. Aluminium matt, anodised in natural...

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Universal Slides image

Universal Slides

Application: Simple adjustable units can be bulilt in modular form, in combination with the Supports. The four threads are used to fix other structures in place.

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