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Special applications include high pressure, pressure resistant, analog output, food-grade, salt water, and high temperature.

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Photoelectric Proximity Switches image

Photoelectric Proximity Switches

Offering size ranges from 4mm dia (smooth) to M18 in different technoloies: laser through-beam, diffuse (with or without background suppression), reflex sensing.

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Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors image

Ultrasonic Proximity Sensors

Easy adjustment via teach-in, potentiometer and/or interface w/PC software.

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Capacitive Proximity Sensors image

Capacitive Proximity Sensors

4- or 2- wire devices, available in metal or synthetic housing material. Capactive sensors are capable of detecting all kinds of material and types of objects.

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Sensor Mounting Clamps image

Sensor Mounting Clamps

Available in sizes for all our sensor range.

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