• Protective Barriers and Sneeze Guards Protective Barriers and Sneeze Guards

    Are you looking to protect your employees from being exposed to the Coronavirus? Need cost-effective protective barriers, safety shields and partitions?

    A-Line Automation can help protect you, your customers and your employees with customized, easy to assemble, cost-effective protective barriers, sneeze guards and partitions.

  • Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles

    Our Bosch Compatible Aluminum Profiles can be used for many applications.  From dividing walls and shielding applications to office setups and productions systems.

    We have many different profiles available and carry many specialty profiles as well.

  • Conveyor Automation Framing Conveyor Automation Framing

    T-Slot Aluminum Framing can be used to build conveyors for your automated process or distribution and packaging facility.  Our aluminum profiles are also a strong enough system that they can easily hold up to the task of pallet conveyance.

  • What do you need to build today?What do you need to build today?

    At A-Line Automation we've been designing and building custom-fabricated solutions since 1995. Whether you have a 3D CAD drawing or just something on the "back of a napkin", we turn your ideas into reality.

    We use a proven system of t-slot aluminum framing designed to be interchangeable with Bosch and Item. We have everything you need to move your idea from concept to the production floor. Give us a call today!

  • Pick and Place Automation Pick and Place Automation

    Extruded aluminum profiles are a strong and versatile structure basis for pick and place automation.  Many high speed facilities use our Bosch compatible and Kanya T Slot profiles as their framing solution.

    Check out our pick and place modules that work with our T-Slot framing for your production and distribution facility today.

  • Custom Control CabinetsCustom Control Cabinets

    Using our T-Slot Aluminum Profiles you can construct custom control cabinets that are engineered for your specific needs.  These control cabinets can house just the control systems or the controls as well as enclosing the system process.

  • Fabrication with Aluminum ExtrusionsFabrication with Aluminum Extrusions

    We fabricate elegant solutions with aluminum extrusions, more commonly known as t-slots. This strong and lightweight product is configured into versatile structural frames, machine stands, mounting systems and linear test tables increasing safety and workforce productivity.

    Whether it’s a one-off or ongoing production bring us your idea. Upload Your Specifications Here

Custom Aluminum T-Slot Fabrication


A-Line Automation provides custom aluminum T-slot fabrication services for various applications and industries. As a premier manufacturer and distributor of top-quality automation equipment, we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products at the best prices on the market today. Our highly customized products can improve your efficiency, safety and increase your facility's operations.


We offer a wide range of aluminum extrusion fabrication services and products to suit your specific needs, including machinery bases, aluminum framing systems, control cabinets, workstations, machine safeguards, protective barriers, custom aluminum profiles, component accessories, and more. You can rely on our custom aluminum fabrication services to provide a cost-effective solution to all your design and manufacturing challenges. Contact our experts to learn more today!

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