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A-Line Automation specializes in the fabrication of customized framing systems, mounting platforms, workstations and custom control cabinets for both Education and Laboratory environments and for engineers in the areas of Calibration; Materials Science and Process Technologies.

We fabricate elegant solutions with aluminum extrusions, more commonly known as t- slots. This strong and lightweight product can be configured into almost anything you can imagine. And, we can finish the look with a wide range of panel materials to cover the frame. You can choose from aluminum, aluminum composites, PVC, and polycarbonate exteriors to name a few.

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Now, don’t put us in a box and write us off, as specialists for certain industries. We solve problems, no matter the industry. We provide versatile structural frames, machine stands work stations and test tables that allow techs to decrease adjustment time between tests or move entire systems. Our mounting systems are strong and stable, yet can be delivered in kits or completely assembled.

Industries We Serve and Examples of Our Work


This base required very precise positioning of the horizontal beams for the small-angle x-ray scattering instrumentation installation.

click to download a 3D PDF of this material science base

We used Kanya aluminum extrusions commonly known as t-slots, to build this machine base. The machine base needed to be very robust to hold the weight of the machine. It also had to be light enough to be shipped relatively inexpensively. The Kanya aluminum extrusions insured perfectly parallel and perpendicular lines for the instrumentation to be attached easily and accurately.

The base included enclosures to hold industry standard 19" rack mounted components. We finished these enclosures with polycarbonate doors that gave the lab base a clean look.

This is an ongoing production project for a major Materials Science Company.


This base required it to support a 2,500 lb optics table with pneumatic vibration isolators. The base resides in a low magnetic field environment, so the structure had to be non- magnetic. Since it is about six feet tall and twelve feet wide at the base it needed to be shipped as a kit, for on-site construction.

click to download a 3D PDF of this lab structure

The solution: Kanya heavy-duty aluminum extrusion or t-slots as they are non-magnetic. In addition, all the connectors, isolation pads and floor mounting plates were made from 304L stainless steel. The aluminum extrusion design is rigid and this feature minimized flex in the base, which was another specification.


This machine stand was designed to ease operator fatigue and be able to switch from vertical to horizontal in order to produce multiple products.

click to download a 3D PDF of this machine stand for a medical device

The A-Line Automation team worked closely with the medical device production design team. The first solution was to adjust the working height of the machine base, hydraulically with a hand crank and optionally with an electric motor. The second was to allow the machine to move from horizontal to vertical in 15° increments.

This allowed for a multitude of different product production from a single machine and saved the customer significant capital investment in multiple machines.

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