Common Dangers of Working Around Heavy Machinery

Common Dangers of Working Around Heavy Machinery

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Many workplaces that are industrial in nature have various hazards present that simply come with the job. One such potential source of danger is heavy machinery. Without these machines, workers can’t get tasks done in a timely manner. So if we can’t eliminate every hazard, we must take steps to ensure workers remain as safe as possible. Here are some common dangers of working around heavy machinery.

Lack of Training

The most common danger of working around heavy machinery is simply working around it without the proper training and knowledge. It’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure they thoroughly inform all their employees and train them to use industrial machinery and equipment. Many accidents occur because workers are ignorant of the dangers and don’t take precautions when operating or working near machinery. Prevention is key, and keeping everyone aware of hazards is the best way to achieve that.

Machines Without Guards

Lots of heavy machines have designs that focus on practicality and functionality rather than safety. As a result, machinery can have a lot of exposed, moving parts that make it easy for employees to accidentally get caught and injured. To solve this, custom machine guarding is essential. This adds a protective cage around dangerous parts of a machine. It protects employees from harm and keeps the machinery from becoming damaged if something gets caught in its exposed components.

Transport Accidents

It’s often necessary to transport machinery and equipment to various locations, so it’s no surprise that accidents occur during transit. For instance, a heavy, unbalanced load can easily cause machinery to slip off its transport. It can then potentially crush and injure individuals nearby. Or it can cause the transport vehicle to flip while taking a turn, injuring the driver. Furthermore, if multiple vehicles move around the workplace, you must create proper paths and traffic indicators to ensure there are no collisions.

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