Popular Materials Used for Machine Guards

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In industries that make use of heavy machinery, that same machinery presents a large safety hazard. Whether the machine presents risks for workplace accidents or mishandling errors, the best way to solve this threat is by putting up machine guards that act as a barrier between the inner workings of a machine and the people operating or working around it. To ensure the greatest safety, you need to consider what material to use; here are some of the popular materials used for machine guards.


Metal is often the default choice for custom machine guarding, as it fits seamlessly into an industrial environment and blends right into the machines. When considering metal machine guards, aluminum is often valued for its lightweight but incredibly durable nature, though steel is just as viable. Stainless steel, in particular, is preferable for industries like pharmaceuticals and food manufacturing because of its non-porous surface. This makes it incredibly easy to clean, thus improving the hygiene of your work environment without having to devote extra time and effort to giving your facility a deep clean, as is necessary for other metals.


Plastic machine guards have been burgeoning as the most popular material used for machine guards. Providing a greater range of customization, plastic machine guards can be better shaped and molded into specific shapes and designs to fit even the most awkward machine design. In particular, polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer that is favored for its incredible impact resistance. It is also the same material used for bullet-proof glass. For the greatest safety, polycarbonate machine guards are a must-have within heavy industrial plants and facilities.


In woodworking or chemical applications, it’s not uncommon for gases to corrode metal machine guards and compromise their effectiveness alongside simply shortening their lifespan in general. In these cases, you want to opt for a material like wood that will be unaffected by such gases. While not as durable as metals or plastics, wooden machine guards are still useful in these less hazardous scenarios. However, they are not recommended for facilities dealing in heavy industrial machinery that could potentially break the wooden machine guards.

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