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Kanya T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

Our line of Kanya aluminum profiles is ideal for a wide range of applications. Shop our durable solution for all your design and construction challenges.

Bosch Compatible T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

We carry an extensive selection of Bosch-compatible aluminum profiles used for all purpose applications and designed to meet industry standards. Browse today!

Parco T-Slot Extrusions

A-Line Automation is now the Carolinas distributor for Parco T-Slot Innovations!  Parco offers a complete line of fractional t-slot aluminum framing. Compare to leading brands like 80/20. You can interchange most of the Parco T-slot extrusions with 80/20 T-slots and Bosch T-Slots, which makes switching to Parco an easier process if you have existing structures.

For a professional look with high performance, Parco fractional aluminum profiles give you a solid option. They are expertly designed for industry versatility—with applications in manufacturing, medical, and automotive—and long-lasting use. The expansive knowledge behind the creation of Parco T-slot extrusions is easy to see. Replace parts or create new frames using parts found below.

Aluminum Frame Connectors

A-Line Automation is a leading manufacturer of aluminum products, including custom fabrication. View our range of aluminum frame connectors online today!

Aluminum Frame Fasteners & Nut Plates

A-Line Automation provides aluminum frame fasteners and nut plates designed for custom extrusion fabrication. Learn more about our product offerings.

Aluminum Extrusion Brackets

Choose from our wide selection of aluminum extrusion brackets, including T-frame, mounting, and clamping brackets. Learn more at A-Line Automation.


A-Line Corporation sells floor-to-frame elements for aluminum extrusion. Visit our site to buy base plates, casters, floor brackets, and leveling feet.

End Caps

Aluminum extrusion end caps are an efficient way to protect the end of your extrusion. Browse our website today to find Bosh-style and Kanya-style end caps.

Machine Guard Fabrication

Protect your workers and equipment with our custom machine guarding products that are made according to industry standards. Call our experts to learn more!

Door Hardware for Aluminum Profiles

A-Line Corporation manufactures door hardware for aluminum profiles. Browse our website to purchase aluminum extrusion hinges, locks and catches, and handles.

Aluminum Fabricated Products and Accessories

A-Line Automation is a leader in manufacturing aluminum framing solutions and automation components. You can shop our site for a large selection of aluminum fabricated products, such as inserts, mounting blocks, and joints. These accessories are necessary for whatever machinery needs or project requirements you have. Plus, our team of qualified experts can help you figure out what components will suit you best—whether your solution is a prefabricated item or you need something custom made.

We serve many industries, and our handiwork is strong enough for many different applications, including but not limited to the food, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing industries. We ensure our frames and other aluminum products are lightweight and durable for your convenience. If you have a need for an aluminum fabricated product, contact us today, and let’s collaborate on what the best solution is for you.

Linear Motion Systems for Sale

A-Line Corporation has a wide range of linear motion systems for sale. Our linear motion components are separated into heavy duty, medium duty, or light duty.

Linear Modules for Sale

A-Line Corporation has a variety of linear modules for sale, including rotary and axis modules, grippers, intermediate stop modules, and more. Learn more here.


At A-Line Automation we fabricate workstations for every commercial and industrial need. We use heavy duty t-slot aluminum units to fabricate “built to last” workstations and worktables. Our workstations are ergonomically optimized, modular, flexible, and easy to install. The primary advantage of T-slots is you can customize your workstation to your needs.

Our Workstations offer

  • height-adjustable desks and workbenches
  • individual tool positioning and material
  • lighting depending on the work process

Increase productivity on your shop floor with these well designed workstations!

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Workstations Come in Many Forms for All Your Needs

Logistics Packaging Workplace

  • height-adjustable desks and workbenches
  • optimal desk dimensions
  • individual storage shelves and KanBan bins
  • Simple to complex solutions
  • Modular and flexible
  • Tailored solution shelves

Why A-Line Automation?

The experts at A-Line Automation are more than just fabricators. They can help you identify the elements of an effective workstation. They’ll ask “what is important to your production process”? They’ll work with you to confirm work items are in the right place – and be sure nothing is missing. The end result improved quality, ergonomics, and productivity.

Know this, if you don’t see an industrial workstation that meets your needs A-Line Automation can design one for you.

Add Accessories

We offer T-Slot accessories so you can add computer monitors, lighting, sorting and shelving. We have everything you need.

Work Tables:

We fabricate work tables for every need. Our worktables are flexible, modular and can be linked.

Superstructure with Luminaire:

Put some light on the subject.

Superstructure with Accessory Upright

Material Shuttle

We Have Work Station Accessories to increase productivity.

Computer Monitor




Aluminum Metal Fabrication Applications

Our Skills Translate to All Industries

Now, don’t put us in a box and write us off, as specialists for certain industries. We solve problems, no matter the industry. We provide versatile aluminum metal fabrication applications, such as structural frames, machine stands workstations, and test tables that allow techs to decrease adjustment time between tests or move entire systems. Our mounting systems are strong and stable yet can be delivered in kits or completely assembled.

Industries We Serve and Examples of Our Work


This base required very precise positioning of the horizontal beams for the small-angle x-ray scattering instrumentation installation.

click to download a 3D PDF of this material science base

We used Kanya aluminum extrusions commonly known as t-slots, to build this machine base. The machine base needed to be very robust to hold the weight of the machine. It also had to be light enough to be shipped relatively inexpensively. The Kanya aluminum extrusions insured perfectly parallel and perpendicular lines for the instrumentation to be attached easily and accurately.

The base included enclosures to hold industry standard 19" rack mounted components. We finished these enclosures with polycarbonate doors that gave the lab base a clean look.

This is an ongoing production project for a major Materials Science Company.


This base required it to support a 2,500 lb. optics table with pneumatic vibration isolators. The base resides in a low magnetic field environment, so the structure had to be non- magnetic. Since it is about six feet tall and twelve feet wide at the base it needed to be shipped as a kit, for on-site construction.

click to download a 3D PDF of this lab structure

The aluminum metal fabrication solution: Kanya heavy-duty aluminum extrusion or t-slots as they are non-magnetic. In addition, all the connectors, isolation pads and floor mounting plates were made from 304L stainless steel. The aluminum extrusion design is rigid and this feature minimized flex in the base, which was another specification.


This machine stand was designed to ease operator fatigue and be able to switch from vertical to horizontal in order to produce multiple products.

click to download a 3D PDF of this machine stand for a medical device

The A-Line Automation team worked closely with the medical device production design team. The first solution was to adjust the working height of the machine base, hydraulically with a hand crank and optionally with an electric motor. The second was to allow the machine to move from horizontal to vertical in 15° increments.

The application of this aluminum metal fabrication allowed for a multitude of different product production from a single machine and saved the customer significant capital investment in multiple machines.

More Fabrication Examples with Aluminum Extrusions

T-Slot Extruded Aluminum Profile Dividing Wall

Dividing Wall

T-Slotted Aluminum Conveyor Bed

Conveyor Bed

A Lighted Display Cabinet Created from Our Extruded Aluminum System

Lighted Display Cabinet

Aircraft Test Frame

Aircraft Test Frame

Automotive Tooling Jig Created With T-Slot Aluminum

Automotive Tooling Jig

Mobile Aluminum Medical Cart

Mobile Medical Cart

Jewelry Display Cases

Jewelry Display Cases

Display Case

Display Case

Internal Clean Room

Internal Clean Room

Custom Medical Instrument Station

Custom Medical Instrument Station

Multiple Camera Mounting Frame

Multiple Camera Mounting Frame

Medical Adjustable Height Workstations

Medical Adjustable Height Workstations


RVS Tube & Clamp System

A-Line Corporation is a small women-owned business that manufactures custom RVS tube and clamp systems. Visit our website today to request a free quote.

Dobot Programmable Robot Kits and Accessories

Looking for Educational Robots?

If you are a teacher looking for an affordable educational robot, A-Line Automation can help. Robotics is revolutionizing industrial production throughout the Southeast. STEM teachers in the region know STEM programmable robot kits and accessories are a great way to prepare students for the future. 

The Dobot Magician is just one of the many programmable robots we offer from Dobot USA.  We make your purchase of a coding robot easy, as A-Line Automation is located in nearby Concord, North Carolina, the heart of the Southeast region.

Programmable Robots Teach Skills

We want students to be prepared for the future. Students working with Dobots, learn real world skills integrating elements of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science into their learning. All at a cost that is 95% lower than the cost of an industrial robot. So, it’s perfect for school budgets.

Why Dobots?

The Dobot is not a toy. Many companies prepare their engineers and techs on the Dobot Magician before installing large scale industrial robots. The Dobot programmable robot kits and accessories can be used in “makerspaces” which combine manufacturing and real-world education. When you install a Dobot Magician in a room with laser cutters, CNC machines and 3D printers, then connect them all - you'll see your students creativity explode!

There is a curriculum for every level of student:

  • The first curriculum is for K-5 students and prepares them for life with robots
  • A second curriculum teaches 6-12 grades how to use robots
  • And, the third curriculum teaches senior level high school through first level college students more in-depth content

Add a 3-D printing kit to create specialized teaching aids for any subject you are teaching. For example you could build molecule models for Chemistry, a planetary gearhead for Physics or a topographical map for Geography.

The Dobot line of programmable robots can help you teach students about Computer Science, Outputs and Inputs and commonly used programming languages like Python script.

Ultimately, your students will have fun learning with robots from Dobot USA.

Order Your Educational Programmable Robot Kits and Accessories Today!

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Product Line

Dobot 3D Printers


Combine a Dobot Robot with a 3D printer and watch your students get truly excited! A 3D printer brings it all to life.  It’s the finishing touch because students see their robot create a finished product or use computer numerical control (CNC) to engrave and carve. These real world applications are meaningful to your students.

Check out our 3D Printer solutions below:

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