Dobot Magician – Basic Model

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Includes Robot Arm, Gripper, 3D Printing Kit, Writing and Drawing Kit and Vacuum Pump Kit.

The Dobot Magician Basic Robot is very user-friendly and can be enjoyed by children and adults alike. The visualized programming interface makes it easy to code, using drag and drop command functions. This robot has a high precision 4-axis robotic arm and is capable of grabbing, writing, drawing, laser engraving and 3D printing.

Features include:

  • High positioning repeatability up to 0.2mm, competitive with industrial robots
  • User friendly software interface makes the Dobot quick to deploy in any application
  • Ability to write, draw, move and grab things by following your orders, laser cut, solder the PCB board and work with 3D printing pen
  • A stepper motor equipped with high accuracy gear reducer allows the Dobot to DO REAL WORK
  • High strength aluminum alloy surface and processed by anodic oxidation treatment
  • Easy to use, support 7 controlling methods ( PC, Mobile APP, Voice, Leap Motion, Gesture, Vision and Mind Control EEG)
  • Easy control methods for beginners and also serial port SDK and motion control interface for advanced makers, using C/C and Processing as primary languages

Price: $1,699.00

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