Series 90 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles

The Series 90 T-slot aluminum profiles are the end-all be-all for heavy-duty applications in which stiffness and high strength are musts. These aluminum profiles are more complex in design, featuring 10mm openings for custom aluminum extrusions. The Series 90 profiles are best for designs that are expected to endure the most rigorous conditions and maintain their durability. With up to 8 openings, these profiles have mounting slots and slots for accessories and fasteners. There’s also a lightweight Series 90 profile for projects that do not require the higher strength.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 45x90 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 45x90

Heavy duty profile for applications requiring high strength or stiffness. Two mounting slots per face and one mounting slot per end.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 60x90 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 60x90

This 60x90 profile offers six 10mm t-slot openings for accessories or fasteners.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 90x90 image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 90x90

This profile includes eight 10mm t-slot openings for accessories and fasteners.

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T-Slot Aluminum Profile 90x90L image

T-Slot Aluminum Profile 90x90L

Series 90 lightweight profile. This profile is lighter than the regular 90x90 profile. It offers eight 10mm t-slot openings and can be used in applications that need extra t-slot openings without...

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