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At A-Line Automation we fabricate aluminum extrusion desks and workstations for every commercial and industrial need. We use heavy duty t-slot aluminum units to fabricate “built to last” warehouse aluminum workstations and worktables. Our aluminum extrusion desks are ergonomically optimized, modular, flexible, and easy to install. The primary advantage of T-slots is you can customize your workstation to your needs.

Our Packing Workstations offer

  • height-adjustable desks and workbenches
  • individual tool positioning and material
  • lighting depending on the work process

Increase productivity on your shop floor with these well-designed extruded aluminum workstations!

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Industrial Workstations Come in Many Forms for All Your Needs

Logistics Packaging Workplace

  • height-adjustable extruded aluminum desks and workbenches
  • optimal desk dimensions
  • individual storage shelves and KanBan bins
  • Simple to complex solutions
  • Modular and flexible
  • Tailored solution shelves

Why A-Line Automation?

The experts at A-Line Automation are more than just fabricators. They can help you identify the elements of an effective lean workstation. They’ll ask “what is important to your production process”? They’ll work with you to confirm work items are in the right place – and be sure nothing is missing. The end result improved quality, ergonomics, and productivity.

Know this, if you don’t see an industrial workstation that meets your needs A-Line Automation can design one for you.

Add Accessories

We offer T-Slot accessories so you can add computer monitors, lighting, sorting and shelving. We have everything you need.

Work Tables:

We fabricate work tables for every need. Our aluminum workstations are flexible and modular, and they can be linked.

Superstructure with Luminaire:

Put some light on the subject.

Superstructure with Accessory Upright

Material Shuttle

We Have Work Station Accessories to increase productivity.

Computer Monitor




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